I Learnt a New Craft! I Made Silver Rings!

Yesterday I did something I’d always wanted to try but thought it probably isn’t something I’d ever get to do. I learnt how to make silver rings! I have found some amazing crafty and talented friends over here. They’re always making things and I love seeing what they produce. I have kind of thrown myselfContinue reading “I Learnt a New Craft! I Made Silver Rings!”

Enrolling In a Free Enduro School!

So just before the school holidays begin in Portugal (12 weeks off school!!), we started Elvis at an Enduro School, (Escola de Enduro) which is taught by two brothers and takes place at Escuderia Castelo Branco, which about 40 minutes away from us. We have passed the race track many times on the way toContinue reading “Enrolling In a Free Enduro School!”

Will this actually happen or is it just a dream?

I should be telling you that I am sat in the sunshine on our Portuguese quinta writing an update on how our journey was, the 18 hour drive in our camper and a van with all of our belongings in. Travelling with a dog and an over energetic 5 year old. I should be tellingContinue reading “Will this actually happen or is it just a dream?”