How to Get Here

Central Portugal is such a beautiful part of the country. Unlike the usual tourist hotspots where everything is catered for all aspects of tourism, Central Portugal is mostly untouched. Which means life here is very traditional and a much more relaxing slower pace. We grow our food, we spend time tending to the farm, we save the rain water to water our gardens, a lot of people raise their own meat. We have become self sufficient but without losing the home comforts. It’s a safe place to live, everybody is helpful and friendly. And we absolutely love it.

The population is also very low which means less traffic, less people and more space when it comes to visiting the sites and exploring the area. Being so close to Spain also makes for a great day out to have tapas for dinner!

There are views that are out of this world and you can look out on mountainous terrain and see for miles and miles, the pretty villages on the sides of the hills, the silhouettes of buildings and the outline of the mountains in the distance

It’s worth travelling to get here believe me!

The closest airports are LISBON and PORTO, which are between 2.5 to 3 hours drive to us. The easiest option is to hire a car from the airport, that way you get to explore when you’re here. The major hire companies also hire bikes too so if you’re coming out for a biking holiday you can take this option.

If you’re bringing your own car or bike you can get the Santander ferry and then its just a 5 hour drive to us from there. Along the way you can stop in the villages and explore and stretch your legs.

And those of you who are touring, this location makes for a perfect stop off as you venture through Europe, located just 20 minutes from Spain it’s a great way to add Portugal to your touring bucket list.