About us

Join us as we create a beautiful place for you to stay in Penamacor, mainland Portugal. We are Mike, Carla and our son Elvis. We have a beautiful working Quinta in the mountains of central Portugal, and we would like to share it with you. We are originally from the UK and decided to make the change and live our lives a different way.

Mike is a keen motorcyclist and has worked in the motorcycle trade for many years. His interests include, restoration of motorcycles and old cars. He is often found at the racetrack, or working away on his vintage Fiat 128 Abarth.

Carla is also a keen motorcyclist, and runs a strongman training boot camp. She is also a professional Barber in Penamacor. She is often found in the pig pen, talking to the animals or in her old school 4×4.

Elvis, our son is at school in Penamacor, and he enjoys quad biking, and enduro riding which he attends once a month in Castelo Branco. He is often found on the trampoline in the garden, or roller blading in the city.

We have currently 3 piggies, (Delores, Versace and Cherry) 4 dogs, (Ze, Sammy, Bernie the Estrela and Scratch) and a very vocal cat called Max. We are very much people persons, and love good company and good conversations, (and wine/cheese), and we are often working on the land planting and clearing.

We would like to share the experience with others, to show what living here is really like with the freedom, the weather, the lifestyle and the peace.

Useful information for those wanting to visit.

We are 8km from Spain and are nestled in the hills with good bus access, road access to the big cities, we are approx 2.5hours from Lisbon and 2 hours from Porto. People here are generally friendly and helpful, and they love kids in Portugal. Its a really good family environment.

A decent bottle of wine is 3 euros in the supermarket, (cheapest is around 1 euro 50 cents and isn’t bad) and beer is generally 80 cents a bottle. Coffee here is very good, and around 60 to 80 cents in a bar, and you can get a meal with wine, dessert, starter, olives and bread plus a final coffee for approx. 8 euros upwards. Oranges and lemons grow everywhere in season, and vegetables, eggs and fruit are generally organic and super delicious. Meat is a big part of the diet here and is generally Pork or Beef. Fish is fantastic here, but slightly more expensive on the whole. (I am told the octopus is also amazing here).

Please feel free to email us with any questions you have, and we look forward to hearing from you.