Why Central Portugal is the Best Place for Your 2023 Holiday.

As we come to the end of February we are busy getting our accommodation ready for this years holiday season.

From March onwards the weather starts to warm up so we will be opening our doors for 2023 in 2 weeks time.

Now we appreciate everyone is different when it comes to enjoying the weather so we thought we’d give you a little understanding of what the seasons are like here so you can plan your stay according to your preferences.

Spring is probably one of our favourite times of the year. As spring approaches you can feel the heat of the sun already shining through and enjoy days chilling outside a cafe with alight jumper and a pair of sunglasses, the temperature reaches around 21 degrees in the sunshine around march time, so it certainly takes the chill out of the air, as the night time comes in it’s usually a little chilly, but a jacket and a cosy camp fire are the perfect way to warm up outside so you can still enjoy the nature and beautiful night sky…which, if gazing at the stars for the evening is your thing then there is no better place to see it.

From our farm on a clear night you can even see the milky way! It’s phenomenal. When there is a meteor shower announcement we will go outside with blankets and lie on the grass together and just look up the sky watching for them.

The wildlife also starts to make it presence known and you can sit outside with your morning coffee and hear the birds singing, the mating call of the stalks clapping their beaks, the frogs croaking in the evening by our lake… it’s dreamy!

Spring is also when all the festas start happening with lots of live music in the streets, food and drink and almost every weekend through all the little villages you can experience one of their traditions. Everything from sausages festivals where you can taste and purchase local chorizo, to medieval festas where you can take part in a treasure hunt and sample the local wines.

The motor sports events also start happening around this time and you don’t need to travel very far to go and watch something.

Summer is a little more extreme but we still love it, this is when we fill our days with water sports like kayaking, SUP boarding, swimming in the local pools or wild swimming locations, finding waterfalls and shaded areas to picnic and chill out for the day. The evening in the summers are great, sitting outside enjoying a cold beer, the sunsets are also out of this world with bright colours that change every few minutes filling the sky as the sun goes down.

The autumn is much like the spring, the weather starts to cool down but it’s still warm enough to walk around in shorts and t-shirt. As the months move through to September and through autumn it it’s still warm still and personally I feel this is the perfect temperature for those of you who enjoy walking, hiking, mountain biking and everything that gets the heart racing. It’s cool enough for a t-shirt and I absolutely love the early morning sunrises while out on a walk. It’s perfect weather for biking as you tour the roads the breeze keeps you cool all while feeling the sun on your face.

Autumn is usually harvesting season for grapes and olives and you can even have a go at this yourself. Picking olives and seeing the process of curing olives for eating or making olive oil. Or heading to a vineyard to pick grapes, learning about the wine making process and getting involved.

During the winter months it can be a little cold but in December Penamacor has the biggest month long festa through the town for Christmas, this includes market stalls to buy gifts, bands walking around the streets and in the bars playing traditional music, there are street performers, the streets are decorated with festive decorations and music plays all day through the speakers lining the buildings. There are chances to try local drinks and food and lots of pop up shops and bars that are only open for the month of December… in fact we actually opened a bar with some friends for 2022 and it was amazing. So even through December for a Christmas getaway this is such a cool place to be.

You can email us on vistadepenamacor@outlook.com and we will be happy to answer any questions.

Until next time.

Have a great weekend.

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