Exploring, walking, mountain biking and more adventure.

If you are following us on social media it’s nothing knew to know we’ve been a lot of car trouble over here. This has put pay to us doing much exploring and getting out and about as much as we’d like.

Finally we have working car so we have been nipping out for the day or afternoon to take in the views and the scenery that’s surrounds us.

It’s not massively adventurous because it pretty cold and wet at the moment but it’s certainly been nice to get out and feel like you’re making the most of the beautiful place we’ve moved to.

Me and Elvis took a walk up to the castle on the top of Monsanto, the first time Elvis has been to the top.

We’ve been bike riding through the forest and taking long walks around the lake…which is about 18km around the whole thing…one day I plan to do the whole thing!

Sometimes you need to remind yourself that this is what you moved here for, the outdoors life, the quietness and the adventure.

2023 is definitely going to bring us more of this, including making time to go kayaking often, more bike rides, more hiking, climbing and everything else this are has to offer.

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