Ever wanted to build a waterslide in your back garden?

Once a year our friends go all out for their sons birthday and build the absolute best water slide! As we haven’t been here for too many years this was the first one we went to… and it was insane.

They spend a few days preparing the ground and building a water slide down one of the slopes on their farm, with hay bales and plastic sheeting. They place an IBC water container at the top of the hill and you come prepared with soap liquid for extra slippery-ness.

At the bottom of the slide is a shallow pool where you end up which is walled with hay bales to crash into when you get to the bottom.

Everybody brings food and drinks and everybody, children AND adults, wait their turn at the top. It starts very calm and eventually as the drink starts to kick in and everybody gets a little bit more brave it becomes a time competition or ‘who can slide down the craziest way’

Everybody has such a great time, there are a lot of laughs and the children all have so much fun with their friends.

We had a little break part way through the afternoon while the IBC is filled up with water again and then we all go down again after a bite to eat. There were so many laughs.

Even though this was an afternoon thing, in true style it went on well into the next morning and ended with karaoke and dancing.

Definitely one of the events that we will make sure go in our calender every year!

Big love to Chris and Sasha for this aweseom event.

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