Surviving the hot summers in central Portugal.

It’s probably no surpise that the summers are super hot here. Whihc is a huge difference to the winters where the temperatures can dip in the minuses.

During summer, some days the temperatures reach 45 degrees, and that’s where it will stay for days.

The highest tempurature it reached last summer was 48 degrees which was pretty harsh for everybody.

The good thing is though is this place is set up for the hot summers, with so many places to swim, find shade and cool off, whether it’s wild water swimming, going to the local pools which are open seasonally, or finding some hidden gems along the river banks where you’ll find no people and if you’re feeling adventurous you could go for a little skinny dip.

For us these places are the saviours.

We work until around 11am by which time the sun is scorching and you need to get out of the rays. So we head to water for the afternoons.

We have a few places near us, there’s a swimming pool in ther villgae, there’s another nearer to the spanish boarder, around 15 minutes drive, we also have river beaches as close as 20 minutes away with a bar and ameinities, bbqs and a jettie where you can jump into the cool lake. Or take a little alternative route around the lake and you can find plenty of secluded spots away from the hustle and bustle of a busy cafe.

A little further there are other amazing places that we are yet to visit as we’ve had so much car trouble we haven’t had the pleasure of being able to jump in the car and go wherever we like (this incluides some days having to do a 1 and a half hour walk to school!) so we have stayed fairly local.

Next year though we are definitely going to explore a little further afield.

We also have an over ground pool on the farm which is great for those days when you are staying home, and also we welcome our guests to use it as well, we even have some funky pool lights and have occasinally been for a midnight swim to cool off in the night, although when you get out and the air hits your skin it tends to feel chilly… which is actually quite welcome after the blazing heat of the day time.

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